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telomere PNA Kit


K5327 telomere PNA Kit

This is a unique kit to detect telomere in vertebrate hematopoietic cells by fluorescence in situ hybridization (Flow-FISH) using flow cytometry.
Kit contents

Vial1 Hybridization solution (70% formamide) 12 mL, Ready-to-use
Vial2 Telomere PNA probe/hybridization solution (70% formamide) 12 mL, Ready-to-use
Vial3 10x washing solution 20 mL, 10-fold diluted with distilled water, Stable for 6 months at 2-8oC after dilution
Vial4 10x DNA staining solution (PI + RNase A) 4 mL, 10-fold diluted with distilled water before use
フローサイトメトリー用キット – A PNA probe with higher sensitivity and specificity than DNA probe is applied to flow cytometry.

– The PNA probe used in the kit does not recognize a subtelomeric sequence. Thus, unlike the conventional method of measuring a telomere restriction fragment (TRF), a telomere that contains no subtelomere can be detected.

– After hybridization, post-hybridization procedures are minimally required, and washing with formamide is not needed.

– Co-staining with PI allows telomere detection only with cells in the G0/1 phases.

– By simultaneously measuring suitable control cells (e.g., 1301 cell), a relative telomere length can be determined.



This is a unique kit with the concept of “quantification” added to the conventional flow cytometry analysis. A calibration curve is created using calibration beads coupled to five different amounts of antibody, allowing the quantification of antigen amounts as antibody-binding capacities (ABC: sites/cell) on cell surfaces of interest.
This kit can be used for measurements with all subclass IgG types of mouse monoclonal antibody.
In a study using flow cytometry, this kit allows the following examinations:
– Evaluation of the raised mouse monoclonal antibodies
– Changes in the amounts of antigen during the differentiation stages of blood cells
– Changes in the amounts of antigen after cell stimulation
– Search of relationship between pathological conditions and the amounts of antigen in leukemia and AIDS

Kit contents

Vial1 Setup beads Blankbeads(A)+HighlevelBeads 10 tests
Vial2 Calibration beads Beads(B,C,D,E,F) 10 tests
Vial3 FITC-labeled secondary antibody Anti-mouse immunoglobulin goat antibody F (ab’) 2/FITC-labeled 100 tests

The kit includes a FITC-labeled secondary antibody. An optional RPE labeled secondary antibody (Code No. R0480) is available.