Reagents for flow cytometry

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Hemolysis reagents
EASY-LYSE lysing solutions
Cytoplasmic antigen detection reagents


S2364 hemolysis reagents

Ammonium chloride-based hemolysis reagents for flow cytometry
フローサイトメトリー周辺試薬 Hemolytic agent suitable for peripheral blood and bone marrow samples 20-fold concentrated liquid (diluted before use) Prepared in required amounts without any excess liquid. Unique buffer compositions, stable for 20 days at room temperature even after dilution (Note: Storage periods vary with storage conditions, e.g., 20 days under sealed conditions)


K2311 cytoplasmic antigen detection reagent

This is a kit to detect intracytoplasmic antigen by flow cytometry. A conventional problem, cell contraction, is suppressed, allowing sensitive antigen detection in the cytoplasm. In addition, cytoplasmic and cell surface antigens can be double-stained. Besides cyCD3 CD79a, cyCD22, MPO, TdT, and plasma cell (VS38c), used for the differential diagnosis of leukemia and lymphoma, cytoplasmic cytokines can be effectively detected.
Handle this product carefully, because it contains formaldehyde.
Read the SDS (safety data sheet) enclosed in the product.